A Blown Opportunity

Nobody in their right mind thought the Redskins would win the game last night. Sure, everbody hoped it would happen, but I don’t think anyone would’ve bet anything of value on Washington pulling off the upset on Monday Night Football against the defending champs.


The SemiColumn: October 2014

I’m introducing a new, recurring concept known as “The SemiColumn,” which will be a regularly unplanned dump of odds and ends floating around in my head. Some of them will relate to sports, and as you’ll see, some of them won’t. Or, put another way: it’s a bunch of thoughts I have about things that…


NFL Lines and Winners for Week 4

I make no apologies or reservations about the fact that i’m a Bill Simmons fan. While he’s got plenty of haters and trolls on the internet to throw stones at whatever it is about him they don’t like, I admire the fact that he’s gone from the bar-room sports fan to a multi-million dollar personality…